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The Health Affairs blog has posted a number of papers that attempt to explain the failure of the original Clinton attempt at health care reform. Although each takes its own route through the history of the initiative, they all manage to arrive at the same conclusion: the problem was the public. Daniel Yankelovich, for example, [...]

Lies, Damned Lies, and the Uninsured

If ever a statistic deserved to be categorized as species of prevarication, it is the oft-repeated datum, “47 million uninsured.? This stat, recently revised down to 44.8 million by the U.S. Census Bureau, is cited by media outlets of the Left and Right with equal credulity. But, as the NCPA points out, it significantly overstates [...]

Health Care: Enough with the Anecdotes

I suspected Megan (a.k.a. Jane) was on to something when the usual suspects pounced on her comments about the abuse of anecdotes in various writings about health care. That impression was confirmed when I read the following: Single-payer advocates drag out some American woman who didn’t get a breast cancer exam until it was too [...]

Medicare: A Poor Model for a National Health Care System

Harry Cain’s Health Affairs post about Medicare should be required reading for anyone naïve enough to believe there’s any real difference between single-payer health care and socialized medicine. The essence of socialized medicine is not, as single-payer advocates would have it, in the nominal “ownership? of the providers, but rather in the idea that central [...]

SCHIP: An Example of Bureaucratic Mismanagement

A variety of commentators, including Sarah Dine, have attributed congressional ambivalence on the issue of expanded SCHIP funding to insufficient national emphasis on the well-being of children. However, as Grace-Marie Turner points out, much of the money allocated for SCHIP has been diverted to adult patients. She provides a variety of examples, including the following: [...]

Medicare Advantage: The Unreported Scandal

An important health care story about Medicare Advantage is being missed because the news media are caught up in yet another of their feeding frenzies (Walter Reed). Via Schwitzer health news blog, a journalist makes the following observation: In many areas, plans have contracted with independent brokers/agents to make a last push to persuade beneficiaries [...]


The hysteria over Walter Reed has progressed to the point that long-abandoned buildings are now being held up as proof that the Bush administration is manned exclusively by the spawn of Satan. A lot of bloggers have been suckered into believing that photos posted by WUSA9 show buildings in which wounded troops are being housed.A [...]

Infant Mortality: Another Bogus Stat

A cherished statistic among advocates of socialized medicine involves the allegedly high rate of infant mortality in this country, which they offer as proof that government-run healthcare must be imposed on the entire population. It turns out that, like popular myths about the uninsured, there is less here than meets the eye. The Economist points [...]

Walter Reed: I Guess I’m a Troll

As I was meandering through the blogosphere, reading various posts on the Walter Reed mess, I came across the following comment (#5) attached to a post in Think Progress. Remember, folks … when the trolls show up yammering about how the Walter Reed situation is an indictment of socialized medicine, just throw this in their [...]

Canadian-Style Health Care? Be Careful What You Wish For.

It’s interesting that the people who have actually experienced Canadian health care are considerably less enthusiastic about it than Americans whose only knowledge of that system comes from the BS circulated in the mass media. Here’s a great post by Jeff Sandquist, a native Canadian who offers the following advice: When you hear about promises [...]