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Ever wonder why the “progressiveâ€? community is so monolithic in its support for socialized medicine? Having pondered this mystery for some time, I’m unable to avoid the conclusion that it is all about piety. Progressives favor government-run health care not because it makes sense medically or economically, but because it gives them a sense of [...]

Medicare for All? No Thanks.

Via Healthblawg, Ted Kennedy and congressional accomplice John Dingell are busily promoting their Medicare-for-All bill. According to Senator Kennedy’s press release, the legislation would morph the soon-to-be bankrupt Medicare program into a cradle-to-grave boondoggle: Their bill will extend Medicare to all Americans, from birth to the end of life and will reduce costs and improve quality, including more effective [...]

Giuliani Hammers Democrats on Health Care

The only presidential candidate, on either side, who speaks with candor on health care is Rudy Giuliani. Via FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog, Guiliani stated the obvious about the Democrat hopefuls who debated last night: Giuliani said Democratic calls for mandatory universal health care would only exacerbate the cost of care by putting the system in the [...]


Most students of economics will confirm that shortages follow price controls with the grim inevitability of Greek tragedy. Anyone in denial about this stubborn fact should peruse this study by Nadeem Esmail of the Fraser Institute. Speaking specifically to Canada’s well-known physician shortage, he writes: The shortage of physician services in Canada is not the [...]

Medicare: New Payment Structure Will Hurt Rural Hospitals

One of the weirder features of the health care debate is assumption by many otherwise thoughtful commentators that most hospitals are under no great financial stress. This phenomenon often manifests itself in a “Yea, Right� response to policy concerns raised by the AHA. A good example can be found in yesterday’s post at Healthblawg: If [...]

SCHIP: Beware of Democrats Bearing Gifts

The WSJ opinion page outs the State Children’s Health Insurance Program for what is, a Trojan horse for government-run health care: What began as a hard-cap grant to cover the working poor is evolving into an open-ended entitlement … Instead of debating government-run health care on its merits, Democrats are building it step by step [...]


Americans who think we need a health care system similar to that of Canada should read this piece by Nadeem Esmail. If you like long wait times coupled with ineffective government mandates, you’ll love the system endured by our neighbors to the north. Here’s the crucial passage: What is being quickly forgotten in Canada is [...]

Single-Payer Advocacy Taints HSA Study

A variety of pro-single-payer blogs gleefully linked to a recent “study� purportedly showing that women are penalized by HSA plans simply because they are female. To quote Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, the study’s author: High-deductible plans punish women for having breasts and uteruses and having babies. That tendentious assertion suggests that the good doctor is not [...]

Health Care: Why is Employer-Based Insurance So Popular?

InsureBlog links to a post at Trusted.MD on the entirely unsurprising fact that most employees are satisfied with their employer-based health insurance. The post contains the following rather trite observation: Employers don’t actually pay for health insurance. They simply redirect a portion of their employees’ wages directly to the insurance carrier. Since employees never get [...]

Romneycare: Soon to be an Orphan?

Some health care bloggers have been anxious to declare Romneycare a success, but Romney himself seems to be less than anxious to take credit for it. The Cato blog links to a couple of reports by ABC News and the Washington Post that discuss Romney’s curious reluctance to discuss the issue. The Post suggests that [...]