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Much of the reaction to Flea’s case at Kevin, MD, GruntDoc, and a variety of other blogs has focused on its implications for medical blogging or on the doctor’s poor judgment. But this sad tale also begs the following question: Would the episode have happened at all if Flea’s medical practice were in Texas?   It’s [...]


Barack Obama is about to accomplish the health care equivalent of parting the Red Sea. According to AP, his new health care plan is going to accomplish what most rational people had heretofore thought impossible: expanding coverage while simultaneously reducing costs: Obama said putting in place universal health coverage has been debated for decades, but [...]

Canadian Health Care Not So Cheap After All

It’s a matter of faith among advocates of socialized medicine that our neighbors to the north enjoy a health care system vastly superior to our own, and prominent among their talking points is the claim that Canada is somehow better at cost control than the U.S. The facts, however, don’t support that contention. In fact, [...]

Cuban Health Care Stinks According to the New York Times

Like the proverbial broken clock, even the New York Times is occasionally right. Although the psychic pain of doing so must have been immense, the editors of the Gray Lady allowed Anthony DePalma to include a couple of actual facts in this piece on Sicko and the Cuban health care system. Particularly poignant are the passages relating [...]

Single-Payer Advocates Don’t Care About Facts

Kevin, MD links to the latest salvo in the ongoing debate between David Hogberg and Matthew Holt over the quality of American health care. Because Holt is hopelessly outclassed in this contest, Hogberg easily mops up the floor with him, concluding with the following question: Why do you want to give the U.S. a health [...]


The various “news? media are doing their best to create the impression that America’s nurses have embraced Michael Moore’s latest faux-documentary, with headlines like Nurses Welcome the Arrival of Sicko, and innocuous passages such as the following: The film, [Rose Ann DeMoro] said, “should bolster the spirits of those dedicated to achieving fundamental reform and embarrass [...]


A New York Times journalist with a health care stat is like a toddler with a loaded pistol. The combination of intellectual underdevelopment and sophisticated weaponry is a recipe for mayhem. Anyone doubting this should read Nicholas Kristof’s most recent column. Among its many ignorant assertions is the following: The U.S. now spends far more on [...]

Socialized Medicine: Think You’ve Got a Choice?

While the debate over health care reform rages with ever-greater intensity in the blogosphere and mass media, our masters in government are moving quietly forward with the implementation of socialized medicine. Via NCPA, Jack Markowitz describes how it’s happening: Maybe it’s time to quit debating socialized medicine and admit we’ve got it … Roughly a [...]

Michael Moore and his Media Enablers

I can never decide whether the journalists who cover health care are dishonest or just plain dumb. Having read various reports about the porcine provocateur’s latest film, Sicko, I’m inclined toward the latter conclusion. Only sheer stupidity can explain the apparent credulity with which the various media have reported Moore’s agitprop. An illustrative example can be [...]

Michael Moore: Would You Buy a Used Car from this Man?

It has long been my belief that, however much contempt Michael Moore may feel for conservatives, it is as nothing compared to the disdain he has for the “progressives? who actually take him seriously. How else can one explain the following howler, produced in his recent Time interview? Every fact in my films is true. [...]