Ron Paul is Right on Health Care

Noticing that Ron Paul’s performance in Thursday’s Republican “debate? received rave reviews from the wackier elements of the blogosphere, I expected his positions on health care to be hopelessly statist. Having done some research, however, I find that he is actually quite sensible on the subject:

The problems with our health care system are not the result of too little government intervention, but rather too much. Contrary to the claims of many advocates of increased government regulation of health care, rising costs and red tape do not represent market failure. Rather, they represent the failure of government policies that have destroyed the health care market.

And he is not without practical experience in health care. In fact, he cites his experience as a physician when he discusses the debilitating effects of bureaucracy on health care. And, having diagnosed the problem as too much government, he prescribes the following treatment:

Only true competition assures that the consumer gets the best deal at the best price possible by putting pressure on the providers. Patients are better served by having options and choices, not new federal bureaucracies …

Presumably, Dr. Paul’s candidacy will go no further than it did when he ran for President in 1988. It is nonetheless refreshing to see that at least one presidential candidate believes in the market.

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