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I guess I have a morbid obsession with Ron Paul, but he is such a transparent phony that I am unable to resist the impulse to out him. Yesterday, he repeated one of his more preposterous claims to a reporter from the Concord Monitor: Paul extended his small-government ideals to his personal life. As a [...]

Relay for Lies

The advocates SCHIP expansion have now abandoned all pretense to rationality and settled on a strategy based wholly on moral posturing and prevarication. The essence of this tawdry approach is captured in a national ad being run by the American Cancer Society, approvingly described at GoozNews as follows: Beneath a picture of a young child [...]

Health Care, Walmart, and Free Market Competition

A canard much beloved of the single-payor crowd holds that the free market doesn’t work for health care. Apparently, Walmart and its customers didn’t get the news. As this NYT article points out, the prescription program introduced last year by that much-maligned retailer has been so successful that it is now being expanded:  Walmart said [...]


Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich voted “No? on HR 976, the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act. We know that anyone opposing SCHIP reauthorization hates children, so it obviously follows that Representatives Paul and Kucinich have an unreasoning antipathy to the wee bairns. Because Paul, Kucinich, and an evil assortment of equally heartless House members [...]

The SCHIP Hits the Fan

It looks like there’s going to be a good scrap over President Bush’s imminent veto of the SCHIP bill. The NYT, under the tendentious title, “Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Health Care,? solemnly intones: President Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress prepared Monday for a showdown over the future of health insurance for more [...]

SCHIP: Should it be Allowed to Sink?

Michael Cannon, in this op-ed for the New York Post, advocates allowing SCHIP to sink. He correctly points out that the program forces the taxpayer to: … subsidize people who don’t need help, discourage low-income families from climbing the economic ladder – and make private insurance more expensive for everyone else. He also reiterates what objective observers [...]


Medicare, we are incessantly told by single-payer advocates, is a hugely successful program. In support of this assertion, they invariably claim that the program has been better at controlling costs than the private insurance industry. Well, here’s an article that illustrates how this brilliant “success? has manifested itself in many parts of the country: According [...]

Hillarycare Palls and Her Majesty Isn’t Pleased

John Fund points out, in today’s WSJ, that Hillary Clinton’s “new? health care proposal has already been tried in California: Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed an eerily similar plan using the same rhetoric and even the same slogan adopted by Mrs. Clinton to describe hers: “Shared Responsibility” … That’s no coincidence. Both ArnoldCare and HillaryCare 2.0 are [...]

Mark Steyn on Hillarycare 2.0

Steyn has once again boiled the health care debate down to its essential elements. In the Orange County Register, he discusses the paternalism that drives the socialized medicine crowd: The American political class has decided that they know better than you the “right way? to make health care decisions. Oh, don’t worry, you’re still fully [...]

Uninsured Increase: Some Actual Facts

As I pointed out here, there is much less than meets the eye in the recent Census Bureau report concerning the uninsured. That did not, of course, prevent single-payer advocates from advertising it as proof that the “crisis? of the uninsured had reached critical mass. Fortunately, some analysts have actually examined the data. Jeff Goldsmith, [...]