French Health Care: L’extrémité est près!

Having already exposed as inaccurate many of the claims being made for French health care, I was not surprised by this piece about a French researcher who offers a dire prognosis for the vaunted Gallic system.

It’s true we really have good access, but what if the system is not sustainable anymore? … It’s going to break. It’s going to blow.

Alice Teil, representing “one of France’s leading independent health research centers,? says the problem is cost:

Tiel says the cost of France’s socialized health care is growing faster than its economy.

And how much does it cost?

Workers pay about fifty percent of their paycheck each month into healthcare, retirement and unemployment.

Mon Dieu! That’s a hefty bite.

Hey …. Wait a minute! I thought cost was not an issue for government-run health care. That’s what the socialized medicine crowd keeps telling us, right?

I guess government-run health care doesn’t have magical powers in France any more than it does in Canada or Great Britain.

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  1. spike wrote:

    This whole thing is so inaccurate and ridiculous, it’s below even your low standards. “What if the system is not sustainable anymore?” Yeah, what if? Of course, the source has no evidence that it’s not sustainable anymore and doesn’t even say that it might be unsustainable, just that if it isn’t sustainable, then the system will blow.

    Also, they’re paying into retirement, unemployment AND healthcare. Given that France spends $2,902 per capita on healthcare while the U.S. spends $5,711 per capita on health care, how is it possible that they are paying significantly more for their healthcare than we are? Perhaps because the bulk of their taxation goes to retirement and unisurance?

    Finally, the article mentions that French hospitals try to skirt around the law requiring them to report their medical errors. We don’t even have such a law in America, and yet somehow the writers of that ridiculous propaganda piece you linked to think there’s more of a disclosure problem in France than in America. That is laughable.

    You really will believe anything anybody says as long as it fits your pre-conceived notions. You will reject anything anyone says if it differs from your pre-conceived notion.

    Posted 07 Sep 2007 at 2:37 pm
  2. Marc Brown wrote:

    Ant chance you can address the problems in your country?

    Posted 07 Sep 2007 at 3:31 pm

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