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Son of Dumb

Another uproarious video from the satiric genius who produced last week’s brilliant send-up of the less-than-inspired congressional proposal to pay for SCHIP with a tobacco tax.  [HT InsureBlog]


Kevin,MD links to one of the most trenchant indictments of government-run health care I have read. Bureaucratic stupidity and price controls forced Dr. Linda Halderman to close a practice whose patients were mostly uninsured and underinsured:  I was forced to stop providing services as the only breast cancer surgery specialist in a 70-mile radius in [...]

John Edwards on Drugs—Again

In an effort to revive his doomed presidential campaign, John Edwards has produced a proposal whereby DTC drug ads would be somewhat restricted by our masters in Washington. Kevin, MD likes this idea, and the folks at Pharmalot are apparently OK with it as well, but I have to say that I’m pretty queasy about this sort [...]

Can a Corrupt Politician Lead a Moral Crusade?

One of the supreme ironies of the current health care debate is that most of those who demand “universal health care? on moral grounds look to Hillary Clinton as their standard bearer. This video highlights yet another sordid chapter in her tawdry political tale. Hillary’s supporters have tried to dismiss this because Peter Paul is [...]


For single-payer advocates, it is axiomatic that the market doesn’t function properly where health care is concerned. But if it seems implausible that one industry would be somehow immune to the economic forces that shape every other field of human endeavor, listen to your instincts. Robert Goldberg, of the Center for Medicine in the Public [...]


A couple of days ago, I wondered how much time it would take for the usual suspects to start using the WellCare investigation as a general indictment of “the health care industrial complex.? Well, it turns out that they’re going for a “twofer? on this one. Wellcare, it seems, is not merely another blood-sucking insurance [...]

Hillarycare: An Insider’s View of Why it Flopped

A wide variety of excuses have been made for Hillary Clinton’s 1994 failure to close the deal on health care reform. Many commentators have, of course, blamed the “health care industrial complex,? and some have even blamed the public. One insider, however, has located the problem much closer to home. Brad Delong, a UC Berkeley economist [...]

SCHIP: More Games from Congress

In an apparent attempt to drive their job approval ratings below the historic nadir to which they have already sunk, Nancy Pelosi and her congressional accomplices produced another SCHIP boondoggle yesterday. In a typical piece of procedural skulduggery, the House “leadership? held the vote while many of the bill’s opponents were out of town. But that didn’t [...]

Making Excuses for the Massachusetts Failure

Most economically literate people understood from the beginning that the Massachusetts experiment with “universal coverage? was doomed to inevitable failure. As Arnold Kling put it at the time: The elected leaders of Massachusetts have come up with a novel solution for the vexing problem of having to pay for health care: abolish the laws of [...]

An Idea So Dumb Only Congress Could Think of It

Amy Ridenour has posted an absolutely hilarious video that brilliantly captures the essential stupidity of financing SCHIP with a cigarette tax.  Do not watch this while drinking coffee, beer or any other liquid you don’t want to spit on your monitor.