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A criticism often leveled at American health care is that our quasi-capitalistic system isn’t equitable, that poor patients receive poor care simply because they are poor. Implicit in this criticism is the assumption that a universal government-run system would be more egalitarian. However, the BBC reports on a new study that reveals this assumption to be nonsense. The NHS [...]


We are often told by the advocates of government-run health care that a single-payer system would be innocuous because our masters inside the beltway would not actually own hospitals or employ clinicians. Well, the WSJ Health Blog demonstrates the vacuity of that assertion by explaining the latest P4P proposal from the single-payer system known as [...]

Dick Cheney’s Heart

Dr. Wes gives a good run-down on what was going on with the VP’s ticker yesterday. What jumped out at me, as I perused the news reports, was that Cheney’s atrial fibrillation was detected in the morning and fixed in the afternoon. We spend so much time bellyaching about the cost and inefficiencies in our [...]

Health Care Cost Sharing: How Real People Behave

Anti-HSA types often try to counter pro-cost sharing arguments by constructing elaborate hypothetical scenarios filled with arbitrary assumptions. These confections typically begin as Paul Krugman’s does in this op-ed: Imagine what would happen if there were only one insurance company, and everyone was required to buy the same insurance policy … But we don’t need to ”imagine” how [...]


A favorite talking point of the anti-market crowd holds that Health Savings Accounts won’t work because they will undermine the beneficial effects of large all-inclusive “risk pools.? HSAs would, according to the “risk pool? argument, create mutually exclusive insurance markets for the “healthy and wealthy? and the “sick and poor,” allowing insurance companies to pillage [...]

Church Ladies of the Left

Today I’m starting an intermittent series in which I intend to highlight particularly sanctimonious blog posts and essays about health care—the kind of moralizing that evokes images of the Church Lady leaning over her desk and asking, “Could it be (fill in appropriate Lefty demon)??  Today’s church lady is Maggie Mahar, whose latest post about the WellCare [...]


Like Redstate, I’ve received plenty of wacky Ron Paul comments. But, yesterday, it went to a new level: I got my first death threat, or something very like one. In response to a  post about Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton, I received a comment from “Brian? that begins as follows: Someone should want to kill you [...]

Orwellian Coverage of Massachusetts Muck-up

Media health care coverage is becoming more and more Orwellian. The latest example of this weird phenomenon is this story, in the Boston Globe, which suggests that the failure of Romneycare’s architects to adequately fund their boondoggle is a good thing: Even if signups slow, the program will probably still be over budget – a [...]

McCain on Drugs

I have been fearful that John McCain’s occasional use of phrases like “safe importation of drugs? meant that he was eventually going to endorse the re-importing of pharmaceuticals from Canada. Alas, AP has confirmed my fears: Republican presidential contender John McCain on Saturday said he wants to again allow the importation of prescription drugs from [...]

CBO Crisis Mongering

The CBO has just released a report on health care spending which projects that excess cost growth (the percentage by which health care spending will exceed GDP growth) will consume unsustainable percentages of our national income during the coming decades. However, The Long-Term Outlook for Health Care Spending ignores important data to reach this conclusion. [...]