Orwellian Coverage of Massachusetts Muck-up

Media health care coverage is becoming more and more Orwellian. The latest example of this weird phenomenon is this story, in the Boston Globe, which suggests that the failure of Romneycare’s architects to adequately fund their boondoggle is a good thing:

Even if signups slow, the program will probably still be over budget – a victim of its own success – because the state has already enrolled nearly as many people as expected for the fiscal year.

The “success? will probably amount to a shortfall of $147 million, but there apparently was no shortfall of advocates willing to declare victory:

The enrollment boom “is a sign of success, not failure,? said John McDonough, executive director of the advocacy group Health Care for All.

Most rational people would not use the word “success? to describe a program for which there isn’t enough funding, but no one ever accused universal health care advocates of being hyper-rational:

“It’s a good problem to have – people are getting insured and hopefully getting care,? said state Senator Richard T. Moore, cochairman of the Legislature’s Health Care Financing Committee.

These people think they are succeeding because they are signing up a lot of people for subsidized coverage. That they are unable to pay for the program has no real meaning for them.

Like the journalists who use the word “choice? to describe Hillary Clinton’s proposed health insurance mandate, the Globe reporter parrots the party line regardless of the violence it does to logic and reason.

Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength … failure is success.

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