Single-payer health care will perform better than our evil profit-driven system, right? Tell that to this patient:

In Canada’s biggest city, a young woman in need of fairly basic care at her local hospital does not receive it, and she spirals into a depressing medical morass. Even her father-in-law, a successful dentist, finds himself unable to negotiate the medicare bureaucracy.

And the results of the fine Canadian health care the patient received?

Jennie is now unable to walk without assistance and is still numb below the waist. She has been shipped to a different rehab facility, one that, unlike the first rehab centre, does not specialize in spinal chord injuries. She has not been able to breast-feed her youngest child.

Government-run health care is government-run health care, folks, whether you call it single-payer, socialized medicine, or Medicare-for-All.

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  1. SmartDoc wrote:

    The full article is well worth reading. It details the most ferociuosly covered up fault of Canadian Medicare: the utter corruption behind the scenes.

    Getting care in Canada depends on who you know on the inside: doctors, politicians, bureaucrats. In the case of OHIP (the provincial plan in Ontario) this often translates into a waiver payment for care in the USA.

    Posted 01 Apr 2008 at 11:23 am

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