The establishment media ignored it, presumably because its findings didn’t fit the party line, but a recent Gallup survey showed that a majority of Americans are satisfied with the quality of their health care. In fact, as the following table shows, the percentage of people saying their care is “excellent” or “good” has actually increased from 80% to 83% since 2001:

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The survey showed a similar trend in attitudes about health care coverage. The following table shows that the percentage of people saying their coverage is “excellent” or “good” has increased from 68% to 70% since 2001:

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The survey even showed that a majority of Americans (57%) are satisfied with the total cost of their health care.  So, why do politicians, the media, and “progressive” policy wonks continue to yammer about how Americans are mad as hell about the health care system?

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  1. Marc Brown wrote:

    You’re having a laugh, right? You think that 39% of Americans unhappy with the cost of care is a good result? All this poll shows is that if you can afford it healthcare is good in America, which has never been in dispute.

    Posted 28 Apr 2008 at 3:37 am
  2. bob wrote:

    So, Marc Brown, you are suggesting that “health care reform” will not only make more than 83% of people happy with health care, it will make more than 61% happy with the cost? Nobody’s going to be pissed about all those extra taxes in order to get at best equal health care to what they have now (so they can ensure everyone is covered)?

    Please. From the way the media portrays it we’re on the verge of Mad Max style system collapse. The fact that most people are happy with their care is why “reform” rarely gets any traction despite the media’s constant pushing.

    Posted 28 Apr 2008 at 9:27 pm
  3. al wrote:

    People may be satisfied with their care, but they’re not satisfied with the system. American confidence in the medical system stands at a low 31%, while American confidence in HMOs is nearly as low as the lowest (Congress), at 15%. So there’s much improvement to be made. The report at gives a good overview.

    Posted 01 May 2008 at 12:14 pm

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