I hate to see Panda depart. As GruntDoc puts it, “he’s been one of the best writers in the medical blogosphere.” 

And his response to the claim that a single-payer system is better than socialized medicine because, in the former, the government merely controls the money is one of my all time favorite quotes on the subject:

If you were to get in a scrap with a mean old junkyard dog and he managed to sink his teeth into your scrotum, from that point forward the dog is totally in charge. You may have the complete use of the rest of your body and even though, from a real estate point of view, the dog has laid claim to a fairly small portion of your property, where that dog goes you will go and you heart, mind, and soul will follow willingly.

 But his reason for quitting is characteristically sensible:

Keeping the blog going has taken an appreciable toll on my sleep, studying, and even on my family time. 

I’m with Panda. I like blogging, but if it ever starts cutting into my sleep or my family time, HCBS is gonna get thrown over the side.

At any rate, good luck to a good (ex)blogger.

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