Hillary’s presidential campaign is done. That, at least, is what Andrew Sullivan thinks:

Yes, I’ve thrown a little salt over my shoulder, crossed myself a few times and said 10 decades of the rosary, but the laws of mathematics have to be worth something.

If Sullivan is  correct, and he probably is, then we should be safe from the tender mercies of Hillary’s Orwellian health care plan. Right? Well, maybe not.

Obama is evidently thinking about offering Mrs. Clinton a cabinet post. And, according to the Telegraph, her first big assignment would be (you guessed it) health care reform:

The former First Lady would get the chance to pilot Mr Obama’s reforms of the American healthcare system if she agrees to clear the path to his nomination as Democratic presidential candidate.

Yikes! Talk about nestling a viper in one’s bosom! Surely, wiser heads within the Obama camp have counseled against this suicidal notion. Let’s hope they prevail.

On the other hand, her track record suggests that allowing her to pilot health care reform through Congress may be our best insurance that it never passes.

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  1. Joe C. wrote:

    Ha, now this is a hoot. Would Hillary wind up being Obama’s Kissinger?

    Posted 02 Jun 2008 at 1:05 pm

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