Nurse K has an illustrative post about a real patient so entangled in red tape that she can’t get urgently needed treatment:

A patient with a military insurance plan calls up and says that she had a foreign body removed from her eye and was instructed to see an eye doctor the day after discharge …

The patient, in a good faith attempt to follow proper protocol, notified the people who manage her coverage (presumably Tricare/Champus). But in the world of government coverage, no good deed goes unpunished:

The insurance will pay nothing unless the ER doctor who referred her to the clinic fills out Form X and faxes it to the claims office. It will then take Y days for it to be reviewed and approved.

The patient is understandably upset by this protracted paper chase:

But this was an emergency visit, and I can’t wait that many days for a review. My eye is patched up, and I need an exam.

Oh, well. C’est la vie:

It doesn’t matter, you must have the emergency doctor sign the form and fax it back.

And still she waits:

This poor girl had already gone a week with no eye exam. Maybe he’ll sign the form next week, maybe not.

One can certainly see why left-leaning politicians and cocktail party progressives want everyone to have the benefit of such a system. 

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  1. SmartDoc wrote:

    The US government runs some of the most horrific healthcare systems imaginable: TriCare, the Indian Health Service, and the VA.

    For the ruling class in the government, they give themselves Teddy Kennedy level care.

    Why would anyone sane or not overtly evil want to involutarily impose this corruption?

    Posted 24 Jun 2008 at 2:25 am
  2. Scott wrote:

    In the early days of my healthcare career I worked with disabled veterans (disabled due to military service) to help them navigate their Tri-Care medical claims and or dealings with Tri-Care. I can tell you at that time, the Tri-Care system was a disgrace to these men and women who served to protect our country. All the rules, forms, do and don’ts were maddening. I felt so bad for these people and what they had to go through; politics aside, they deserve so much better.

    Posted 25 Jun 2008 at 11:08 am

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