A variety of Democrats and advocacy groups have been telling us for years that “Medicare-for-All” is the cure for what ails U.S. health care. Well, Congress has just demonstrated why that’s such a dumb idea. Donald Johnson over at The Health Care Blog spells it out:

Under a “universal health insurance system,? which is advocated by the Democrats, political fights like this would happen every year. Doctors and insurers, if they were still in business, would face payment cuts. Patients would face uncertainty about who their doctors and insurers would be. And relationships between doctors, insurers and patients would become more strained than some of them already are.

The kind of political skullduggery that I describe here will be much MUCH worse if the whole health care system is turned over the the federal government. Government-run health care is politicized health care.

 [HT Kevin,MD]

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