As I have mentioned before, Michelle Obama is employed by the University of Chicago Medical Center, which gave her a promotion and a $200K raise right after her husband was elected to the Senate.

Well, it would appear that Mrs. Obama wasted no time in using her new position to line the pockets of her husband’s political cronies. The Washington Post reports the following:

In 2005, the center expanded its bidding process and invited African American businessman Robert Blackwell Sr. to join a competition to upgrade the center’s intranet, the in-house equivalent of a Web site. His company, Blackwell Consulting, won contracts totaling nearly $650,000.

They opened up the bidding process  specifically for the purpose of inviting Mr. Blackwell’s company to submit a proposal and (surprise!) it won the contracts. OK, Why should we care?

Blackwell and his family, records show, have been longtime donors to the political campaigns of Michelle Obama’s husband, Barack.  Robert Blackwell Jr., a former partner in the firm, is a major fundraiser for Barack Obama.

So, tell me again about how these people are going to usher in a new era of ethical politics. What was that about “change”? Maybe they mean they don’t accept “change.” They only want bills, preferably large denominations.

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  1. Marc B. wrote:

    ‘Michelle Obama is employed by the University of Chicago Medical Center, which gave her a promotion and a $200K raise’

    A 200k _raise_! What salary is she on? Do you think this might be where a lot of the money is going, David?

    ‘So, tell me again about how these people are going to usher in a new era of ethical politics.’

    Ah – so it’s not corruption per se that bothers you – otherwise we’d see you ranting about Bush, Cheney and all their oil and big business buddies. What bothers you is people who pretend they’re not corrupt. And of course the case for corruption here is far fetched – as the story makes clear she wasn’t involved in the selection process, and there’s nothing illegal about alerting anyone to an open bidding process.

    Posted 22 Aug 2008 at 2:03 pm
  2. groetzinger wrote:

    Did you not hear of Haliburton and the open end contracts they got,not from a private company,but from our Goverment.Smear at it’s finest!

    Posted 22 Aug 2008 at 8:03 pm

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