It’s clear that the Obama campaign believes it has found an effective scare tactic in its claim that John McCain wants to take away everyone’s employer-based health insurance. We heard it from Joe Biden in the VP debate:

You’re going to have to pay—replace a $12,000 plan, because 20 million of you are going to be dropped.

And Barack Obama himself repeated the whopper in tonight’s final (thank God) presidential debate:

For about 20 million people, you may find yourselves no longer having employer-based health insurance.

This is pure fiction. Partisan articles in Health Affairs notwithstanding, there are no credible data in any serious study supporting the claim that McCain’s plan would have this effect. 

In fact, as John Goodman points out, University of Minnesota professor Roger Feldman has released a study of the McCain health care plan that shows precisely the opposite:

Feldman estimates that employer-based coverage would actually increase under McCain, while a whopping 60 million would lose their employer plans under Obama.

Nonetheless, we continue to hear this lie from Senator Government and his surrogates in the “news” media. They know it isn’t true, but they will repeat it over and over again.

Meanwhile, I’m voting for Joe the Plumber. Anyone Joe Biden badmouths can’t be all bad.

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  1. sherry wrote:

    McCain’s health care plan is unrealistic. He proposes to give Americans needing health protection $5,000.00. Seriously, that’s enough to pay for a physical and a bottle of tylenol.

    What happens for those who need extensive care? Who foots the bill? If that person can come up with an additional, say $3000, he can’t write it off on his taxes.

    The person will go to a county hospital and we, the people, (and Joe the plumber), will pay for those millions of people who exhaust McCaine’s allotment.

    Posted 17 Oct 2008 at 4:52 pm

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