Well, our new President has presented his health care “plan,” and most observers who actually work in health care have been underwhelmed. Here’s how it was received among those with a clue:

Kevin, MD points out, in the NYT, that coverage isn’t care:

President Obama made no mention of who exactly will take care of these patients, even if they get insurance under a successful health reform initiative.

Scalpel makes much the same point:

Guaranteeing coverage does not guarantee access, particularly when that coverage is pathetically insufficient.

Buckeye surgeon avers the following:

The “plan” (if that’s what you want to call it) is frighteningly devoid of any real details or specifics.

Whitecoat makes a good point about unavoidable tradeoffs:

Are we going to settle for free and timely care and take a hit in quality? Or are we going to get free and quality care that will be difficult to access?

Even a confirmed hopium eater like Shadowfax has concerns:

Though Obama has acknowledged the necessity of cost containment in health care as an integral element of health care reform, I do not see anything here which will do much to truly rein in costs.  

GruntDoc suggests a sane alternative to O’s plan: 

Give us a market, get Uncle out of the way (mostly), and let people decide on their care based on a true cost/benefit ratio.  There’s a real cultural transformation.

But my favorite post on Obamacare is by 911Doc who linked to this very prescient recording made long ago and far away:


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