The President’s new (new) “health czar” makes Tom Daschle look as pure as the driven snow. Philip Klein at AmSpec reveals the following:

Nancy-Ann Min DeParle, who President Obama appointed as director of the White House Office of Health Care Reform on Monday, took home at least $2.4 million in 2006 and 2007 from serving on the corporate boards of health-care companies whose businesses she would be in a position to affect in her new position.

This woman is a walking conflict of interest. She’s been getting checks from half the health care industry. But here’s the one that gives me the willies:

In just 2006 and 2007 alone, DeParle earned $376,140 in cash and stock from Cerner Corporation … Cerner is a leader in the field of health information technology, which the Obama administration has made a key part of its health-care agenda.

That’s right. This is the person Doctor Obama has picked to peddle his famousĀ EMR snake oil.

This doesn’t pass the smell test, folks.

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