Last week, I wrote a post about the latest NHS scandal in which patients were left to die on unmanned wards while others were forced to drink from flower pots because no one would bring them water. Well, as the Guardian reports, the horror stories are still coming in:

Hundreds of patients suffered and died unnecessarily as a result of appalling emergency care at a flagship foundation trust, the government’s health watchdog said today in the most damning report ever on an NHS hospital in England.

And why did these patients, whose paychecks were regularly drained to pay for health care, have to suffer?

[The report] said the problems centred on the trust’s hospital in Stafford where there were ‘low staffing levels, inadequate nursing, lack of equipment, lack of leadership, poor training and ineffective systems for identifying when things went wrong’.

So, what happened to all the taxes the Brits have been paying every payday so that they wouldn’t need to worry about health care? It went to idiotic schemes to pay fat people to walk, to make sure the NHS is properly green, and countless other boondoggles that make sense only to government apparatchiks.

This is what happens when politicians and government bureaucrats take your money and promise to provide “universal” coverage. They waste your money and you get lousy health care. In other words, you end up broke AND sick.

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  1. Clara wrote:

    But Obama is different. He’ll get it right, unlike the British NHS. Somehow, despite plenty of evidence showing how more government intervention decreases quality while increasing costs (true across multiple industries), Obama and his team will create the perfect system, one that is top-quality, low cost, and speedy…

    It horrifies me to think that it will take an NHS style system for people to wake up to reality, at which point the system will be so entrenched (like social security) that people won’t give it up, despite the high cost, low value.

    Great post, as usual!

    Posted 31 Mar 2009 at 9:41 am

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    The British NHS is investigating how things could go so very wrong at one of their hospitals,the Stafford hospital. See here for the newspaper report that puts at least part of the blame on a situation where mindless adhering to quality targets may h…

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