When nurse Margaret Haywood discovered that elderly patients were the victims of widespread neglect in Britain’s socialized medical system, she reported it to the proper authorities. Predictably, the NHS bureaucracy did nothing.

However, unlike most of her colleagues, Haywood refused to let the NHS apparatchiks get away with their refusal to take action. She assisted the BBC in filming and broadcasting the disgraceful treatment received by these patients.

And what has been the response of the NMC, the British government regulator for the nursing profession, to Haywood’s courageous act on behalf of England’s most vulnerable patients? They struck her off the nursing registry.

A nurse was struck off yesterday for secretly filming in a hospital for a BBC Panorama programme that exposed the neglect of elderly patients.

This is means that Haywood can no longer work as a nurse in an English hospital. It means that she has been, for all intents and purposes, fired by the government-run health care system for actually caring about the patients trapped in that dilapidated system.

So, here’s how it works in a government-run health care system: The quality of care is terrible and the system is set up not merely to perpetuate this lousy care but also to punish any member of the system who tries to do something about it.

This is what your President and his accomplices in Congress have planned for you, folks.

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  1. Terro wrote:

    U.S. health care is the best in the world, and the public needs to wake up and support private market solutions to health issues. I’ve written about this on my blog post: One Giant Aspirin Won’t Solve the Problem, http://tinyurl.com/d8tost.

    Posted 21 Apr 2009 at 5:50 pm

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