There’s a reason why I tend to like ER nurses more than my fellow finance nerds. It’s because your typical ER nurse calls ‘em like she sees ‘em, without a lot of BS. Nurse K’s take on “comparative effectiveness research” is a shining example:

If we’re really lucky, we can have the government do little “studies” … and then tell doctors what is the most effective way to treat a problem and withhold payment for not treating the patient the way they see fit.

And if it’s not obvious why that’s a bad idea:

Of course, from the people who brought you ‘give antibiotics within six hours of arrival to the ER for pneumonia or else your hospital sucksass and we’re going to not credential you,’ we will be forced to give treatments that have never been proven to make a lick of difference …

That pretty much covers it. If you think the D.C. bureaucrats have screwed things up with their idiot price controls (the direct cause of the PCP shortage), just imagine the kind of havoc they’ll create when they start meddling in the actual practice of medicine.

If that doesn’t make you nervous, you’re not paying attention.

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  1. Nurse K wrote:

    The amount of money we waste of “blood cultures x 2″ for pneumonia and the people we hire (in the “compliance” department) to make sure we adhere to this pneumonia thing that has never been shown to do anything…If we don’t do it, however, we risk not being allowed to treat ANYTHING. The emails we get celebrating the % of people for whom we adhered to this standard which improves nothing, the posters, the NAUSEA.

    In other news, Oceania produced 57 million boots last quarter, in excess of their goal of 52 million, but, still, half the country goes barefoot.

    Posted 16 May 2009 at 5:42 pm

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