One of the most grotesque features of the charade that our new President refers to as “health care reform” is the pathetic groveling of various “stakeholders.” A particularly nauseating example can be found in the post at Kevin, MD by J. James Rohack, President-elect of the AMA:

In an unprecedented endeavor aimed at achieving health-care reform this year, the American Medical Association (AMA) stood with President Obama and other key health-care stakeholders Monday to announce efforts to “bend the spending curve” on health care.

The craven strategy Dr. Rohack and the other “stakeholders” have adopted in the face of a government takeover of the health system is to propitiate the monster in the hope that it will show mercy. It is a futile strategy. Dick Morris puts it succinctly:

Essential to any cost reduction is a cut in doctor’s fees. Congress is trying to cut Medicare fees by 21 percent. But cuts in fees and doctors’ incomes will just discourage people from entering the profession and those already in it from practicing.

And no amount of a bootlicking by Dr. Rohack and other providers will stave off those reimbursement cuts. Government health care systems always “bend the spending curve” in two ways: cut reimbursement to providers and ration services to patients. That’s the way it is ALWAYS done.

Dr. Rohack and the other “stakeholders” are being played for chumps by the Obama adminstration and congressional Democrats. They are collaborating with people who intend to give them the shaft once they are no longer useful. By then, of course, it will be too late to save American health care.

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  1. clara wrote:

    Oops. Apparently, Obama misconstrued the reform commitments of the six industry players. Why are they surprised?


    It is nice to see these groups squirm after all their genuflecting to Obama.

    Posted 15 May 2009 at 11:53 am

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