If Obamacare is successfully shoved down America’s throat, the “news” media will just as responsible for the ensuing disaster as the President and his accomplices in Congress.

Time and time again, the media have provided incredibly dishonest coverage concerning the state of U.S. health care, the fabled uninsured, the SCHIP debate, health care reform, ad infinitum.

So it is no surprise to see ABC pimping Obamacare just as enthusiastically as the President’s press spokesman.  Hilariously, ABC denies that its coverage is an Obama infomercial.

Well, Michelle Malkin suggests an excellent way for the network to prove it. All ABC has to do in order to regain credibility is to put John Stossel on the crew covering the White House:

ABC News says it welcomes “thoughtful? and “diverse? voices on its White House health care special. Why not include ABC 20/20 anchor John Stossel? I have confirmed that he has not been asked to be a part of the programming.

Stossel works for ABC, and is a fearless correspondent who will tell the truth if given a chance. And he has done some very good work on health care. Will they take Michelle up on her challenge?

I doubt it.

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  1. Rich Prezioso wrote:

    I admit to not see all of Mr Stossel’s “good work” but what I have seen is a simplified parroting of Cato Institute proposals. He presents their case for free market “auto insurance” style health care. Even I can see the basic weakness in that argument–consumer driven health care plans with greater out-of-pocket expense will keep people away from the doctor and won’t do a thing to change poor health habits. We need better preventative care. Avoidance is not prevention. Mr Stossel would also like to see Medicare gone, yet all I’ve heard him say about it’s replacement is a return to the old days…days when old folks died of things we can now cure. I’ve also never heard Mr. Stossel say anything about the uninsured. Even the good people at Cato admit we need government subsidy to help the poor and sick as the market wants no part of them. Good work? No, just another form of BS more in line with your own thoughts.

    Posted 19 Jun 2009 at 1:27 pm

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