The NYT has done an utterly nauseating puff piece on Valerie Jarrett, and somehow neglected to mention some of the less savory features of her tenure on the board of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

As Michelle Malkin points out, Ms. Jarrett was on the medical center’s board of directors when it approved the notorious patient-dumping scheme called the Urban Health Initiative.

She was also on the board when UCMC short-circuited its normal bidding process to give a very lucrative contract to one of Barack Obama’s most generous campaign contributors.

As I wrote in the American Spectator,  UCMC rigged the process so that businessman Robert Blackwell could join a bidding “competition” to upgrade the hospital’s intranet. Needless to say:

Blackwell Consulting subsequently submitted a proposal and was awarded the contract for which it was paid in excess of $600,000.

Not only did this deal not pass the ethical smell test, the going rate for intranet upgrades rarely exceeds 10 percent of what Blackwell Consulting was evidently paid for this project.

If there is anyone left on Earth who actually relies on the NYT for information, they have never heard of the the Urban Health Initiative or the Blackwell deal.

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