Because the voters already invested in one of his grandiose schemes, the stimulus package, and the ROI has been pretty dismal. That boondoggle has done serious damage to his credibility.

More and more voters are taking a dim view of his performance on the economy. As this chart highlighted by Sullivan shows, O is going south even with the all important independents:

That’s right. For the indies, the disapproval number is now higher than the approval figure. This is very bad news. These aren’t Sarah Palin fans we’re talking about here.  

This is why his big speech before Congress and his blitz of the talking head shows didn’t move the ball forward on health care reform. The voters don’t want to throw good money after bad.

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  1. Marcus wrote:

    Well that’s a pretty thin proven interpretation. I’m also an independent who disapproves, and it’s because he hasn’t reformed the banking and finance industries and because he’s continued the stimulus started by Bush and kept the same people running it.

    How about trying to think like an actual independent next time you interpret the results.

    Posted 28 Sep 2009 at 9:51 pm
  2. Matt Horn wrote:

    I blow the curve, I am an independent who never approved… of any of his crap. I am independent because both parties are left-wing.

    Posted 29 Sep 2009 at 4:24 pm

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