Yesterday, I wrote about the latest round of ad hominem attacks on Betsy McCaughey, but I didn’t have time to expand on the main reason progressive pundits and bloggers revile her. 

It’s less about her commentary on Obamacare than her alleged role in the debate over Hillarycare. It’s an article of faith among these people that she killed the Clinton health reform effort.

In 1994, McCaughey published this devastating piece in TNR, and they have convinced themselves that it was the killshot that brought Hillarycare down. As Michael Kinsley recently put it:

[McGaughey] almost single-handedly killed Hillary Clinton’s health care reform a quarter-century ago by writing an influential article in the New Republic.

The article, titled “No Exit,” was influential, as it should have been. But it is simply absurd for our progressive friends to blame McCaughey for the demise of Hillarycare.

Oddly enough, the editor responsible for publishing “No Exit” was none other than Andrew Sullivan. And he has been catching Hell from the Left ever since.

Nonetheless, I think he does a good job of identifying real cause of Hillarycare’s demise. It wasn’t the TNR piece. Nor was it Harry and Louise. As Sullivan puts it:

There’s one reason the Clinton healthcare bill failed and it isn’t Betsy McCaughey. It’s Hillary Clinton.


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