Well, the Saraphobes are obviously becoming desperate. A year of slander by the establishment media has failed to bring her down, and redneck cum pin-up boy Levi Johnston has failed to produce the earth-shattering revelation he has repeatedly promised, so now they’re reverting to wackjob Michael Wooten.

Wooten, you will recall, was at the heart of an “investigation” carried out by Alaska Democrats that became known as “troopergate.” The ostensible purpose of this “investigation” involved Governor Palin’s firing of Walt Monegan, an official who was using his office to protect the crazy and dangerous Wooten.

Wooten, whose many offenses included Tasering a 10-year-old, was involved in a divorce with Palin’s sister and Monegan claimed that the Governor fired him because he wouldn’t persecute her brother-in-law. Despite the existence of a tape proving Monegan a liar, the ?investigation? was fast-tracked to inflict maximum damage on the McCain-Palin campaign.

Needless to say, this charade was aided and abetted by the various “news” media and a host of prominent Obots in the blogosphere. Now, apparently at wit’s end, they have exhumed Wooten from the obscurity he so richly deserves and culled a few slanderous quotes from of his semi-coherent maunderings:

After reading passages from Palin’s memoirs Going Rogue that deal with his marriage and subsequent divorce, a ‘fed up’ Mike Wooten, 37, who still serves as an Alaska State Trooper in Anchorage, called the book ‘a pack of lies.’

The only real surprise here is that Wooten can read. It is certainly no shock that the Geoffrey Dunn piece from which the above quote was taken ignores mountains of evidence that Wooten is a disgrace to his uniform and that Monegan was lying. It also reports the “findings” of the phony investigation as if they were legitimate.

The irony here is that this kind of BS transcends mere dishonesty—-it is stupid. To a very real extent, Sarah Palin is a creation of the Sarahphobes. Their relentless slander has turned her into a rock star. Many people will see her being attacked by Wooten and think, “Anyone this creep hates can’t be all bad.”


Evidently, Sarahphobia extends beyond our northern border. Hot Air highlights a video that purports to show Palin in a bad light, only it doesn’t. It would appear that Canadians aren’t any better at pwn3ng than they are at delivering health care.

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  1. dave wrote:

    I wonder why Canadians are more happy with their health care than we are with ours.

    I’d like to know if you believe there’s anything Sarah has done that would draw scrutiny.

    I personally believe she’s a lightweight intellectually and has no cred in the policy arena. And she appears to be a casual liar, to the extent that i don’t know whether to believe her or not whether making trivial comments or substantive ones on meaningful issues.

    Posted 29 Nov 2009 at 8:55 pm

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