According to Gallup, 53% of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling health care reform:

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And what of all the “Lincolnesque” oratory from the President? Nada. Even with the media and Congress behind him, Obama can’t make the sale:

Despite the considerable efforts of Congress and the president to pass health insurance reform, the public remains reluctant to endorse that goal. Over the past month, Gallup has found more Americans opposed to than in favor of healthcare legislation.

So, the only remaining question is whether Obama and his congressional accomplices will defy the public on this boondoggle.


Maybe Obama is having trouble selling “reform” because his journalistic allies are people like Nicholas Kristoff, whose most recent work of fiction receives a much-deserved skewering from Michelle Malkin

It would not be unreasonable for the public to conclude that any health care legislation favored by Kristoff and Obama’s other media shills must have something seriously wrong with it.

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  1. J. Peden wrote:

    It would not be unreasonable for the public to conclude that any health care legislation favored by Kristoff and Obama’s other media shills must have something seriously wrong with it.

    Amen. That kind of reasoning has been silmilar to mine for some time. When hearing anything suggesting a “Progressive” or “pat” story tinge: first, do not believe it – stay neutral; second, consider that it is likely false until proven otherwise; finally, feel entitled to think that the truth is the exact opposite of what is claimed.

    It works well.

    Posted 04 Dec 2009 at 4:21 am

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