Just when you thought the health reform debate could not possibly become more absurd, Michael Moore appears to prove you wrong. The porcine provocateur is unhappy with Joe Lieberman’s scuttling of the public option, so he used twitter to threaten a boycott of Connecticut if its citizens do not recall the Senator:

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The stupidity of Moore’s latest cerebral flatulence is augmented by the fact that the people of Connecticut couldn’t do what he demands, even if they were crazy enough to try. It’s unconstutional. But what can you expect from the director of the egregious SiCKO, which was eloquently debunked by a nurse in one of the socialized medical systems Moore admires.

[HT Red State]

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  1. Frossca wrote:

    To Mr. Moore: Pick on something your own size.

    Posted 17 Dec 2009 at 12:03 pm

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