Wait a bit … it’s not what you think. This is actually about free-market health care and how Andrew Sullivan is, in many ways, a poster child for our “money-driven” medical system.

Although a confirmed Obot who nurses a morbid antipathy for Sarah Palin (see this post about Levi Johnston), he has also written eloquently about the virtues of U.S. health care:

I was told in 1993 that I had a few years to live. I write this 16 years later with a stronger immune system than I have ever measured before … America’s much-maligned healthcare system did this.

And how did U.S. health care produce this miracle?:

Without this vast and free market in medical care and pharmaceuticals, without the potential for making large amounts of money from affluent and insured patients, the innovation of treatments and regimens would never have occurred at the pace it did.

Sullivan is alive, in other words, precisely because our system is to some degree “money driven.” But he is nothing if not idiosyncratic. Thus he was able to write this about the system that saved him:

Americans are being ripped off. The current reform will only move this line marginally, but it will begin that vital process  … And its cost-control measures, pushing back ever so slightly against fee-for service medicine at a time of limitless healthcare potential, might help too.

Among the “cost-control measures” to which Sullivan refers in this passage are several provisions that will make pharmaceutical innovation far less profitable than it is today.

Such are the logical inconsistencies forced on the loyal Obot. Committed to supporting Obamacare, Sullivan must back a “reform” package that will kill the incentives that saved his life.

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  1. ECM wrote:

    I don’t get Obots: even die-hard Bush fans were screaming at NCLB, massive Medicare expansion, etc.–what is it about the Wizard of O! that makes people completely insane?!

    Posted 27 Dec 2009 at 2:48 am

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