For a revealing look at the Orwellian perspective that Obamacare supporters bring to the reform debate, take a gander at Jonathan Gruber’s op-ed in today’s Washington Post:

The Senate assessment on high-cost insurance plans doesn’t walk like a tax or talk like a tax — because it is not a tax. It is an innovative way of financing the health reform we so desperately need.

Gruber, an MIT economist who knows better, expects his preposterous claim to be taken seriously based on the fact that this provision of the Senate ”reform” bill merely removes a tax credit:

The assessment proposed in the Senate is not a new tax; it is the elimination of an existing tax break.

The Cadillac tax is not an “assessment.” It is a tax, and it will be levied on the health plans that most Americans get through their employers. These plans are NOT taxed at present.

So, let’s use Gruber’s analogy: How does a tax “walk”? It makes your money disappear from your paycheck. And how does a tax “talk”? It says the IRS will come for you if you don’t pay.

The Cadillac tax, by any honest measurement, is indeed a tax. Professor Gruber knows this better than most, which means he is a shameless and disingenuous Obama shill.

[HT Joseph C]

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    Even Bob Herbert gets it!

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