According to Senator Jon Kyl, Congressional Democrats are going to force Obamacare through using reconciliation (a.k.a. the nuclear option). This afternoon he told Hugh Hewitt the following:

This is kind of breaking news. As you say, we’re just hearing it. We haven’t been formally advised, but we have it on relatively good authority. And this would be what they call the nuclear option. This would be ‘we can’t do it with 60 votes, because now we have a new Senator from Massachusetts, so we’ll do it with 51.’

Kyl goes on to explain why this process is referred to as “the nuclear option”:

Now it’s called the nuclear option because it really upsets all of the tradition and precedent within the Senate … using an arcane part of the budget that ordinarily relates to tax cuts or tax increases, it doesn’t relate to comprehensive bills with a lot of substantive provisions in them, but just changes in the tax code, usually.

It is, in other words, a parliamentary maneuver to sidestep the Senate’s filibuster rules: 

All it takes is 51 Democrats to vote for it, and it becomes law. It remains to be seen how long the process will take, and whether, and how much of the provisions of the comprehensive health care reform that we’ve been looking at can be scooped up into this legislation. But it now appears the Democrats are going to try that.

The party of “openness” plans to use this cheap trick to defy the will of the voters and pass a horrible bill that no one wants except the Dems, the unions, and special interest money men.

If they actually do this, the “nuclear” analogy will be very appropriate. November will be Armageddon. 

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  1. jimb wrote:

    Kyl knows that reconciliation is not the same thing as the nuclear option. He’s lying. I don’t know if you just don’t know any better or if you’re lying, too. But, if you’re going to say that reconciliation is a “cheap trick to defy the will of the voters and pass a horrible bill that no one wants,” then you would have to believe the same thing about the Republicans who used it to pass tax cuts for the rich. You would also have to be upset with the Republicans for having used reconciliation 16 out of the 22 times that it’s been used.

    If you’re going to just believe everything that GOP congressmen say, you’re going to be wrong almost all of the time, because the Republican party has committed itself to a strategy of non-stop lying on every issue. Get the facts or be a GOP patsy.

    Posted 24 Feb 2010 at 10:15 pm

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