Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota is the latest Democrat to reveal himself as a brazen hypocrite on the procedural skullduggery the Dems will use to ram “reform� down our throats. Yesterday, he announced that he would support “reconciliation� as a means of passing Obamacare.

Reconciliation is the parliamentary maneuver known as the “nuclear option� because it would break precedent and tradition by sidestepping Senate filibuster rules. And Conrad was against it before the Dems retook Congress. In this video he says this of reconciliation: “It is wrong. It is dead wrong.�

[ht Breitbart TV]

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  1. mikew wrote:

    Well, what is the rest of the story – what have the repubs said about his suggestion? Do they still promote strait up voting on senate business, like they did at the time of your clip? (Ask the people where you found this outrage).

    If kent is acting hypocritical, then is that something bad or good? Or is it just OK, since the repubs are even more hypocritical? What details of the repub’s position on this would you report about, so we can make an informed conclusion. (I honestly haven’t looked – are they as predictably hypocritical as usual – or more importantly, are you guys capable of recognizing when repubs are being hypocritical?

    That question needs to be addressed so that people can know if you aren’t just wearing partisan blinders (which would qualify something like this as so much blind partisan whining.)

    Posted 29 Jan 2010 at 6:31 pm

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