Bart Stupak actually thinks the outrage resulting from his Obamacare vote will die down after a few weeks. In this video, he not only makes the absurd claim that Obamacare preserves previous law on abortion funding, he also says the following about the mood of the voters:

I think they’ll see … we provide quality, affordable access to health care … things will calm down …

Sorry Bart. The outrage won’t “calm down.” First, the bill you voted for doesn’t provide “affordable access to health care.” Second, that’s not what your constituents are angry about. They’re outraged that you posed as a principled politician and turned out to be just another Beltway roundheel:

This bonehead REALLY doesn’t get it.

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  1. z9z99 wrote:

    One of the remarkable things about the recently-passed healthcare bill is that it was enacted in spite of the opposition of a majority of Americans. The Democratic leadership explained this opposition as a combination of ignorance by the populace of their own interests, and superstitious resistance to change. In fact, there were, and are, multiple valid reasons for public apprehension and disdain of this legislative coup. People are angry about what was passed, how it was passed and why it was passed.

    The healthcare reform package is full of mandates, prohibitions, requirements, restrictions, taxes, coercion and threats. In short, it is full of the prospect of governmental use of force against the citizenry for no other reason than good-faith disputes as to whether individuals know their healthcare needs better than do remote bureaucrats. The population of a free country is naturally suspicious of any program that relies so heavily on authoritarian principles at the expense of self-determination. People who have gotten used to a two and a half century old tradition of personal freedom and autonomy simply assume that good policies will be supported and observed on their own merits rather than because of individual fear of government retribution. The use of force has a limited but necessary role in any society; it is recognized as the final option in resisting violence against the innocent, and in countering physical aggression. Americans are not used however to accepting force as the foundation of social policies, and regard it as odd that refusing to accept some legislator’s theory of how best to see to one’s own health might subject one to criminal sanctions and financial penalties enforced by the federal constabulary.

    Another reason for public opposition to the current healthcare reform proposal is the unseemly manner in which it was passed. Congressional leadership might bask in praise for the political savvy that resulted in healthcare reform being “rammed through,” but the public can tell the difference between political skill and backroom sleaze. The fact that the alleged benefits of healthcare reform proposals were unpersuasive (and largely contradictory) on their face made people more suspicious of offers of federal appointments, the Cornhusker kickback, Louisiana Purchase, and airport funds materializing with fortuitous timing in the districts of congressional hold-outs. Americans do not like to have decisions about their liberties and choices made by appeals to individual congressmen’s vanity and venality. Political pundits may regard the arm-twisting, back-scratching, log-rolling and open disingenuousness as history-making, but the average American who bears the true responsibility for caring for his or her family regards the process as unseemly and sleazy. People do not like things that affect their and their family’s health being used by unscrupulous people to score political points.

    Finally, Americans are skeptical of the healthcare reform plan because they know that it almost certainly will not work as planned, and will be much more expensive than represented. People know that no one, not politicians, not professors, not columnists, not lawyers,…no one… understands the dynamics of American healthcare well enough to prescribe its operation and dictate its economics. They are smart enough to know that someone, possibly everyone, is going to get screwed. People realize that the healthcare reform legislation lacks the inherently optimizing process of competition, replacing it instead with the authoritarian conceit that is subject to corruption. They know that it is impossible to “control costs” for an entitlement, particularly one that invokes such disparate concepts as research, risk, placing monetary value on intangible qualities, and ethical dilemmas. They realize that every participant has interests that conflict with others’ interests, and that this is as true of government bureaucrats and elected officials as it is insurance executives pharmaceutical speculators. Americans know that there is more of dorm-room-bull-session notions of “social justice” than concern over real life health consequences motivating this legislation. They know that the evaluations of this legislation that the political class truly cares about will have less to do with an individual citizen’s health than they will the political advantage enjoyed by those enthralled by ideological siren songs.

    Of course they’re angry.

    Posted 27 Mar 2010 at 9:08 pm
  2. ECM wrote:

    This is fine: let them whistle right past the graveyard. (The only downside being their enablers in the media will have a great deal of trouble tracing why it is they got trounced in Nov.)

    Posted 28 Mar 2010 at 10:26 am
  3. mtmerlassie wrote:

    An articulate Z9Z99 expressed well what fuels the disgust of a high percentage of Americans. The republic is bankrupt and our elected representatives act like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Instead of real healthcare reform under our free enterprise system they offer a more costly government controlled system that will ruin medical care, make our children and theirs debt slaves and trash our Constitution. I am beginning to think these politicians are not leaders but lunatics to be pursuing and celebrating such a course. They may call this disasterous law “historic”, but patriots know that the day it was signed is a day that will go down in infamy. We will all work to repeal this affront to our liberty with all our energy. More and more Americans are awaking from a deep sleep. Our ancestors came here to escape Europe. We are not Europeans and we do not want their nanny state! (It isn’t working there. They are going down to radical Islamic elements as we speak, not to mention floundering in the debt entitlement programs seed.) As a sign at a recent DC demonsration pointed out,”We will not lick the hand that wants to feed us.” First comes the dole, then the chains. America was built on self reliance and keeping government out of our lives. We must return to the founders’ vision.

    Posted 31 Mar 2010 at 6:59 pm

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