She went to Boston with the Tea Party Express and provided lots of red meat for the troops, taking several well-aimed shots at the Democrats in general and the current occupant of the White House in particular:

We’ll keep clinging to our Constitution, our guns and our religion and you can keep the change!

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  1. Colin McCauley wrote:

    I just saw a crowd estimate from an AP “journalist”. This “journalist” decided that there were “5,000″ people at this event. OK, I’ll agree to that because I estimate there were 5,000 people in just the area where I was standing. I would estimate there were, at least, 20,000 people on Boston Common for this event. This is astounding because of the overwhelming strength of the Democrat party, in Massachusetts. It only means that the political atmosphere in this state is changing and the established political parties had better realize that.

    Posted 14 Apr 2010 at 2:29 pm

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