If you ever wonder where Washington’s constant monkeying with Medicare physician payment rates is heading, this news item from Europe will provide a glimpse of things to come:

Some 15,000 doctors across Germany are staging a walkout to press for higher pay and better working conditions, a union said on Monday.

And patients who need care? They are expected to seek care in places that socialized medicine is supposed to render obsolete in the “civilized” countries of Europe:

Minimum service is guaranteed in all hospitals. However, the union recommends that patients go to university clinics, private or church-run hospitals.

Can this really happen here? Yep. Don’t forget that the physicians of the AMA are already threatening to boycott Medicare patients if the CMS payment system isn’t fixed.

And they don’t mean the temporary “doc fix” that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Cobbled together last week. They mean a permanent fix (which isn’t going to happen).

Government getting its tentacles on the levers of a health care system and then using physician payment for political leverage will inevitably lead to this kind of nonsense.

Welcome to your health care future.

[ht Paul Hsieh]

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