Maggie Mahar is a good example of what passes these days for a progressive health care expert. She doesn’t understand  how our medical delivery system works, nor does she grasp statistical analysis, but she’s good at networking.

This is presumably how she snagged an invitation to join Ezra Klein’s now-infamous JournoList, where we find Ms. Mahar discussing such esoteric and arcane health care issues as Sarah Palin’s fifth child:

As for raising her daughter’s child (if it was her daughter’s child) this is, as someone else said, a time-honored solution to teen pregnancy when the teen isn’t ready to be a mother and the family as a whole doesn’t want to give up the baby.

Mahar goes on to to observe:

This doesn’t mean they’re anti-abortion; they just can’t bear the idea of losing or giving up “their? grandchild. Everyone feels better keeping the baby and at the same time the teen can go on with her life.

And you thought only crazies like Andrew Sullivan were obsessed with this topic? Nope. This kind of BS is commonplace among our progressive friends. I guess they can’t spend ALL their time on violent fantasies.

And who can blame Mahar for focusing on Sarah Palin and her children. Look at it from her perspective. Every time she ventures into her alleged area of expertise, she gets slamdunked by someone with a clue.

So, it’s much safer to gossip about some other woman’s child than to do the hard work of thinking about stuff.

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  1. B. wrote:


    She used to brag about interviewing some Blues execs at “Barron’s.”

    Until someone pointed out that was in 1994. A lifetime ago.

    What a laugh!

    Posted 28 Jul 2010 at 7:17 pm

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