The past week produced a lot of tough competition for this coveted prize.  For sheer cluelessness, however, this post by JournoList founder Ezra Klein takes the bisquit. He manages to say something stupid in almost every line. He begins by repeating the following idiotic canard:

I’m really not sure why conservatives are so excited that an electorate primarily made of Republican primary voters passed an anti-individual mandate ballot initiative in Missouri … For one thing, states can’t invalidate federal laws … 

Sigh … As Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli explains here, federal law does NOT supersede state law if the former is unconstitutional. And a U.S. District Judge has made it clear that the constitutionality of the mandate is open to question. Nonetheless, Klein continues with the following brain fart:

Moreover, the focus on the individual mandate speaks to how weak the conservative case against the bill is. The individual mandate can be replaced. That wouldn’t be a good thing, but you could substitute automatic enrollment, or some form of lock-out.

Klein, in keeping with his general cluelessness, obviously doesn’t know that the Dems in Congress failed to put a severability clause in the final legislation. The absence of such a clause means that, if the Supreme Court declares the mandate invalid, the entire ObamaCare bill will be null and void.

The one thing that Klein gets almost right is that the individual mandate was not included in Barack Obama’s original health care plan. In fact, Obama denounced the whole concept during the presidential campaign, but later showed himself to be a total roundheel by reversing himself on the issue.

There’s more, but you get the point. Klein, who has been on the health care beat since he hit big-time blogging in 2007, still doesn’t grasp the basics of health reform in general or even the important features of the bill that he and his fellow JournoListers helped promote last Spring.

I have asked the question before, but it bears repeating: Why hasn’t this moron been fired by the Wasington Post?

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  1. B. wrote:

    Dumbest columns ever, in WaPo. Makes Gene Robinson seem rational.

    Ezra, get a real job. Before it is too late.

    Posted 09 Aug 2010 at 9:52 pm

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