On August 3, the voters of Missouri overwhelmingly voted for Proposition-C, which forbids the government (state or federal) from forcing the citizens of the “Show-Me-State” to buy health insurance. It now appears that the voters of Colorado will also get the opportunity to repudiate Obamacare’s individual mandate:

Voters will get a chance in November to decide whether state authorities should be allowed to require Coloradans to buy health insurance … Secretary of State Bernie Buescher announced today that an initiative backed by free market think tank the Independence Institute …

Predictably, the Denver Post parrots the Democrat party line on such measures:

The Constitutional amendment is an attempt to blunt federal health care reforms requiring Americans to purchase health insurance, though a November victory may be largely symbolic since federal law supersedes state law.

OK. Let’s try this ONE MORE TIME: Federal law does not supersede state law if the federal statute is unconstitutional. And the constitutionality of the mandate is very much open to question according to U.S. district Judge Henry Hudson, who recently ruled against the Obama DOJ on this issue.

So, the vote in Colorado will not be “largely symbolic.” It will, instead, be another nail in the coffin of Obamacare.

[ht Paul Hsieh]

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  1. Ex-colo resident wrote:

    Will be interesting to see which Colorado votes – the nouveau cool people from CA, NJ and the NW, or those who realize the reality of the situation for a service industry state that will blow up big time if mandates and penalties weigh in on tourism and local business.

    Posted 31 Aug 2010 at 3:55 pm

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