Paul Hsieh has a great op-ed over at Pajamas Media on the Orwellian PR campaign the Obama administration has begun on health care:

Rather than acknowledging that their health care plan is fundamentally flawed, the Obama administration is trying to pretend that the problem is merely one of bad public relations. Hence, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has stated that ‘we have a lot of re-education to do’ … This Orwellian re-education program has now begun, directed against three major targets: the voting public, doctors and patients, and health insurance companies.

This is sick stuff: 

In effect, the government is saying: ‘Let’s pretend we never said ObamaCare would lower costs — even though that’s how we sold it to the public … Let’s push patients into restrictive health plans — and call it a ‘medical home’ … Let’s label it ‘misinformation’ when insurers tell the truth about how our laws raise their costs — and then punish them if they complain about it.’

But Dr. Hsieh has a cure:

The 2010 election is nearly here. Soon, it will be our turn to have our say. And unless we want to be on the receiving end of perpetual “re-education? from our politicians, we must re-educate them about our commitment to basic American freedoms … This November, let’s teach every politician who supported ObamaCare a lesson. And let’s make sure it’s a lesson they never forget.

This is a “teachable moment,” and it’s time to re-educate those sons of batchelors inside the Beltway———–Throw.the.bums.out. 

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