The health-conscious ladies at the National Organization for Women are not amused by the latest promo cooked up by the guys over at KFC. The venerable chicken chain, it seems, is using buns to promote its bunless sandwich:

Women on college campuses are being paid $500 each to hand out coupons while wearing fitted sweatpants with ‘Double Down’ in large letters across their rear ends.

Seems like a pretty good stimulus plan to me. I mean, it creates jobs, right? But I guess I’m just behind the curve on this stuff. The folks at NOW are apparently very concerned about your health:

It’s so obnoxious to once again be using women’s bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products.

So, just to get some clarification, is it OK to use their bodies to sell healthy products? I mean, what if they were wearing wet tee-shirts to promote bean sprouts? For a working stiff, it’s hard to keep up with these things.

[ht Doug Powers]

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  1. ECM wrote:

    Yeah, I saw this last night: guess who had KFC for lunch today?

    Posted 23 Sep 2010 at 5:21 pm

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