Members of the political establishment, like John Kerry, think the voters are unhappy because we’re to dumb to appreciate high unemployment, high deficits and government-run health care. There is indeed¬†a class of people in this country who don’t “get it.” They mostly live inside the Beltway. School starts on 2¬†November:

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  1. Colin McCauley wrote:

    First of all: thank you for this article and video, and most importantly, beginning and ending the video with Ronald Reagan. Mentioning John Kerry in the same venue as Ronald Reagan has no comparison. Kerry is a phony. Kerry has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and the only problem is: he is from Massachusetts, which says volumes about the voters in this state. Yes, the day is coming when the peaceful revolution of the real Americans will happen. November 2, 2010, the day the country was taken back by its citizens.

    Posted 26 Sep 2010 at 8:24 am

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