Next week’s midterm elections will probably give the GOP a majority in the House. We shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch, but there are an awful lot of polling firms producing numbers like these from Gallup:

This generic ballot looks worse for the Dems than it looked just before the 1994 GOP wave. So, why are the voters about to throw the Dems out? Jeffrey Anderson provides would should be the obvious answer:

What could be generating such a historic enthusiasm gap between the parties while also causing so many independents to jump ship from the Democrats? Federal spending, federal debt, federal indifference to popular desires — all of which is captured in one word: ObamaCare.

But what about the lousy economy?

Democrats wish it were about the economy. Polls show that voters still blame the downturn more on President George W. Bush than on President Obama or the Democratic Congress.

Whereas the Ocare theme is pervasive.

Even when voters emphasize the economy, they generally do so in a way that very much involves ObamaCare. Voters aren’t so much angry that their representatives haven’t fixed the economy but that they haven’t prioritized the economy.

Thus, the fate of pro-ObamaCare Dems.

Democrats who voted against ObamaCare are now ahead in 10 of 15 races (leading by an average of 5.5 percentage points) while Democrats who voted for ObamaCare lead in just 9 of 33 races (losing by an average of 2.5 points).

So, here we are, a week away from payback time. The voters said NO, loudly and clearly, but the Democrats actually believed they could get away with defying us. Now they’re doomed.

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  1. ECM wrote:

    I think it’s the economy as a whole, w/ Ocare just being one manifestation of how out-of-touch Washington has become w/ Joe America.

    (By way of purely anecdotal evidence, all the Obots in the Granite State that I know have long since had their software updated to remove the rose-colored optic filter and are voting R in one week, not because of Ocare, but because they’re terrified of losing their jobs (if they haven’t already), homes, cars, etc.)

    Posted 26 Oct 2010 at 6:22 am

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