If you are among the few people who still believe that that the Obama administration has any intention of equally applying the “reforms” of ObamaCare, this is your final wake up call:

Federal officials have granted 111 waivers to employers, insurers and union plans, who are responsible for covering about 1.2 million people.

Who got waivers? Hmm … let’s see … Service Employees Benefit Fund, Local 25 SEIU, UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust … Anyone see a pattern here? Here’s the full list:

This is not merely corrupt, it’s a tacit confession by HHS Secretary Sebelius and our feckless President that their nanny-state boondoggle is simply unworkable. As Michelle Malkin puts it:

The Obama administration concedes failure and continues to approve temporary repeals of the federal mandates to company after company after union after union.

The following discussion (via The Rhetorican) expands on that theme:

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