While the opportunists of the MSM and the Democrat Party have been politicizing Saturday’s shooting ramage, making absurd accusations about Sarah Palin and even linking it to the health care debate, some people have been searching for actual facts. They show that Loughner has been stalking Gabrielle Giffords since 2007:

Sources tell CBS News that Loughner had made threats in the past and even interacted with Giffords in 2007 … In the time since then, investigators believe perhaps he was tracking her and targeting her in a very loose way.

He also had a letter from her, dated in 2007, on whose envelope he scrawled the following:

I planned ahead … My assassination.

In other words, a map posted by Sarah Palin in 2010 could not have possibly have caused this wackjob to start stalking Giffords in 2007. But that hasn’t stopped the Democrat slimers, including the chief law enforcement officer charged with investigating the case, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

In this clip Meghan Kelly confronts that braying ass, asking why he’s stirring the political pot when he has no evidence linking political rhetoric to the suspected shooter’s motives. Dupnik responds by invoking the same right to free speech he would deny Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh:


If you’d like to see just how truly preposterous media and Democrat attempts to link Loughner to Palin and the Tea Party are, take a look at this creepy resume. He’s a 9-11 truther, lefty nihilist, etc. Good luck hanging this character around the necks of conservatives.


Our friends in the “news” media, including Fox, have been frantically peddling a story about Loughner being connected with a fringe group called American Renaissance. The alleged source of this “news” was the Department of Homeland Security. That turns out to be yet another whopper:

DHS [goes] on the record as denying a report yesterday that supposedly tied Jared Loughner to an anti-semitic fringe group.

Sorry, guys. This character just isn’t a right-winger. Give it up. In fact, according to the Washington Post, Loughner was a registered independent. I’m betting that, before it’s over, we’ll find out that he was a regular contributor to the Daily Kos or Think Progress.

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  1. James wrote:

    Also, why is Gifford’s Youtube account subscribed to Loughner’s??? And all these past “meetings”… Lover’s tiff?…. Possibly?

    Posted 10 Jan 2011 at 6:19 pm

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