The firm contacted a lot of docs for this survey, and most are not very sanguine about the future of our medical delivery system in the brave new world of ObamaCare.

The 2011 National Physicians Survey, conducted by Thomson Reuters/HCPlexus and polling almost 3,000 American doctors, shows that while Obamacare would raise spending, premiums, overall U.S. health costs, and debt,  it wouldn’t raise the quality of American health care.

So, quality will remain at its current level? Nope:

By a margin of well over 3 to 1, doctors expect the quality of American health care to decline over the next five years, in the wake of Obamacare’s passage: Only 18 percent of doctors expect the quality of health care to “improve,” while a whopping 65 percent expect it to “deteriorate.”

But what about AMA support for the law? Oh, puleeeeeeze!

David Shrier, chief executive officer of HCPlexus, says, ‘The National Physicians Survey tells us that physicians have not been enlisted in the healthcare reform process.’

Oh, you thought the AMA represented America’s doctors? Here’s a wake-up call on what the AMA is really about. Executive summary: the AMA is in the coding business now.

[ht Milton Wolf]

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  1. Gabriel wrote:

    And the Senate continues to just love Obamacare. 51 Democrats certainly do. 47 Republicans recognize the Obamanation for what it is.

    Posted 03 Feb 2011 at 10:35 am

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