As I pointed out in  this post  yesterday, a number of physicians from the University of Wisconsin have been openly abetting malingering teachers by writing fake sick notes so they can skip work to protest the “oppression” of Governor Scott Walker. Well, as Paul Hsieh writes in his latest piece for Pajamas Media, this is the result of a new trend in medical education:

Although this might seem an outrageous breach of professional ethics, it is actually entirely consistent with the new brand of “progressive? medical ethics currently taught to medical students.

In this code of ”ethics,” dishonest behavior is OK if it’s about “social justice.”

University of Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse spoke with one of these doctors who was completely unapologetic for his actions, saying that it was ‘not dishonest’ but rather ‘an ok thing to do’ because it was in the interest of ‘social activism.’

Oh, did you think doctors were about to healing the sick? How 2oth century!

A new form of medical ethics is being taught in medical schools that tells doctors to place the needs of “society? ahead of individual patients.

Make you nervous? It should. Does, for example, the “good of society” mean it’s better to let Granny’s illness go untreated because it costs “society” a lot of money? I mean she’s gonna die soon anyway, right? And “society” can use that money to bribe union members to vote Democrat. That’s good for society, right?

Read the rest of Dr. Hsieh’s column here.

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