As I have often pointed out, the favorite health care system of our CMS adminsitrator is Britain’s NHS. Dr. Donald Berwick, quite literally, loves that third-world socialized medical system—and now he is in charge of ours.  So, you may be interested in knowing what the NHS has been up to lately:

Thousands of older cancer patients are being denied potentially life-saving surgery because of ageism in the NHS.

That’s right. Despite the good doctor’s recent flip-flop on rationing, he wants to remake our system in the image of a health care system that deliberately denies treatment to patients based on thier age. And we’re not just talking about people in their eighties and nineties:

The chances of being operated on start falling in middle-age and plummet for those in their 70s and older, an official study shows.

And how, precisely, do they define ”middle age”? They drop patients into that arbitrary category before they even hit age fifty. That’s right. The rationing starts while the patient is still in her forties. The surgery rates drop for all cancers as age advances, but it starts with patients in their late 40s.

For cervical cancer, 58 per cent of patients in their 40s had surgery compared with 42 per cent in their 50s. For women in their 80s, however, this dropped to 10 per cent.

And these numbers don’t come from some conservative or libertarian think tank. This is an official study from an agency of the British government itself, the National Cancer Intelligence Network. This is kind of deliberate government rationing what you’re in for if ObamaCare isn’t throttled in the cradle—now.

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