Remember all those claims, made by countless ObamaCare supporters, that “reform” would make the “chaotic” U.S. health care system more efficient? Well, here’s what the word efficient means to the bureaucrats of the Health & Human Services department:

Section 3022 of the law, which is about the Medicare shared savings program, take up just six pages in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But HHS has turned that into 429 pages of new regulations.

That’s right. The ObamaCare mother ship has taken what amounts to a short pamphlet and turned it into a book. In fact, they took those 6 pages of the law and created more sheets of regulations than there are pages in Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has actually had to deal with any other government health care agency on a regular basis. One person who knows a little something about it is Dr. John Barrasso, Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. Here is his fact sheet.

This is just one more addition to the growing mountain of evidence proving ObamaCare is a grotesque mixture of hidden taxes, government regulation and corrupt bargains that will destroy our health care system if it isn’t throttled in the cradle VERY soon.  Think about it.

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